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InceptEV Simulates Unveiled 500 Mile Tesla electric semi-truck

On Thursday December 1st, Tesla unveiled their Class 8 electric semi-truck and reported that they completed a 500 mile trip with this vehicle at 81,000 lbs of total weight. The information given was a great test case for InceptEV’s software which is capable of capturing realistic electric vehicle performance. Using the given locations from their post, we mapped out a likely route that the vehicle performed on this journey. InceptEV also has historical information related to the elevation, wind speed, wind direction and temperature. Using our patented technology that integrates high-fidelity vehicle dynamics and battery dynamics, we iterated on our library of vehicle parameters and found a set that best describes this data. Below is InceptEV’s simulation of the Tesla Semi compared to the actual data.

This shows the value of high-fidelity electric vehicle performance simulation capabilities in the transition to fleet electrification as we can now use this dataset to simulate other routes performed by this vehicle. Reach out to us to learn more about InceptEV's capabilities.

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