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The United States is poised to spend nearly $500 Billion on jumpstarting its revolution from a fossil fuel based economy to one based on green technology. This spending along with the emissions cutting legislation that has been passed throughout the world is driving electric vehicle adoption and charging network development. By current estimates, electric vehicles will make up half of the vehicle sales by 2030 and completely dominate the market by 2040.

Electric vehicles are a vastly different technology compared to the internal combustion engine vehicles driven today. This leads many to question the reliability of electric vehicles and remain uncertain about their ability to adequately meet their performance requirements. Range anxiety, a lack of charging infrastructure and a general lack of information have all been cited as reasons for not switching to an electric vehicle.

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InceptEV is a simulation-first electric vehicle data company for fleet operations planning and optimization. We use our proprietary data and patented technology to understand fleet performance prior to purchasing assets and forecast operational requirements. This allows us to provide our customers with the information needed to save money when buying their vehicles by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and save on operational time and costs through proper logistical planning. The data produced by the software helps reduce the uncertainty of an electric fleet deployment with the provided performance analytics.

Design to meet your fleet electrification goals and reduce operation uncertainty with InceptEV

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